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The college established with the sole objective of providing high-standard educational facilities to the rural folks.

The management of Hare Krishna College has wide reputation for its quality of learning and a holistic approach towards grooming the students. Not just limited to the classroom-teaching, education in this college spans beyond curriculum and text books aimed at developing character and thus molding the total personality of each individual student.

The college has its own governing body for management, administration and academics, which aims on the all-round development of the student, it does not believe in just teaching but grooming the student for in the facets of overall personality , that is why, the college supplements its teaching with complete development.

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We have so much to offer you which really need to browse this website to find out about the types of courses, facilities and support we provide. Hopefully, you will come away with some valuable information and the assurance that Hare Krishna College can bring out the educational best in learners.

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To build up the spirit of teamwork and collaboration with colleagues from diverse areas of specialization across the campus
To develop a sustained, comprehensive, and coherent program of research in support of student, learning across linguistically and culturally diverse settings

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