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Chairman’s Message

………. potential by providing a quality curriculum and a wide range of student support by experienced tutors will keep an eye on all aspects of your life at the college including your academic progress and personal development. Our active Student Union enables learners to get the most out of college. A wealth of activities, from sports and outdoor pursuits to drama and music, are on offer to enrich the college experience.
We have so much to offer you which really need to browse this website to find out about the types of courses, facilities and support we provide. Hopefully, you will come away with some valuable information and the assurance that Hare Krishna College can bring out the educational best in learners.

I believe that we will impart training according to the values of love, sacrifice, brotherhood and faith. For a person, teacher and students are the source to achieve expertise in self-awareness and wisdom.
We get happiness when we get success and we will get more happiness when we make some body successful, it is the lifelong work and utmost satisfaction for the teacher, he impart knowledge and wisdom to a student.


Dr. Avnish K Chauhan